Luscious Johnny Leopardskin plays bass for the Killer Hipsters. Born simply as Luscious Johnny to a Nepalise Sherpa father and Comanche Indian Medicine Woman mother, Luscious added the name "Johnny" in tribute to his idol and mentor John Wayne. 
Holidaying in Iraq in 1988, Luscious was imprisoned by the Imperial Guard on charges of subversion. Here's where fate intervened as Luscious was imprisoned with the Legendary Frank Zappa, who taught Luscious the intricacies of bass, guitar and composition. 
Eventually freed by the allied forces, Luscious toured the world playing for such bands as Vomit, Strange Rush and Bucks Fizz. 
Today, when not playing for the Killer Hipsters, Luscious provides psychoanalytical support on geriatric gender reorientation issues.